We will conquer the best life we deserve

i started seeing porn from 9th grade since then i am addicted for 10 years now .i I always felt guilt after doing but then after 2 days i am back to square one .TO avoid i started yoga ,headstands, candle meditation it helped me a lot to reduce but still mind is hard to control for addiction .IT reduced but not to 0% .i came across the app recently its been 6 days now i feel good about myself .I have started to accept myself on my weak areas…rather than getting irritated all the time .less anger ,more maturity , good decisions, more Focus ,.better sleep quality .I had urges but i am a warrior i am not giving up on myself Only i can help myslef … PORN is NOT SEX EDUCATION ITS RAPE EDUCATION . WE WILL WIN GUYS .STAY STRONG STAY AWAY FROM PORN .


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You are right, PMO is bad. It is everywhere and anyone is addicted to it. Now that you have the knowledge and determination, you can conquer this!!

There are lots of stories, diaries, challenges and rebooting guides here. I suggest you to read as many as you can! It will give you more knowledge and determination.