We need a second counter

It be awesome if there were a counter that keeps track of the percentage of the days that you didnt PMO. That way, you can keep track of actual long term progress, as the longer time spans easily accumulate into the higher percentages.
I think it is way more efficient to help people bounce back after a failure, since a reset hits really hard if you were stacked into the hundreds and you fall back into binge traps, which make it especially harmful.

A goal could be to stay up the 95% mark.

Anyways this idea stems from nice nofap youtube video Ive seen somewhere, but I think it’s solid and we can get the app developers behind this.

What do y’all think?


Nice and creative idea! Although we can’t do anything since we’re not the creators of the Rewire Companion app. But I’m sure that @Taher will most likely appreciate new ideas. Thanks for the suggestion :smile:


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I’ve noted the feedback