We can help each other with our experiences

What don’t we write our experience in this post? It may be helpful :sweat_smile:
When did u start watching porn ?
What’s ur longest streak and how did you reach it?
Why u decided to quit watching it …what’s ur ra
eason yoh know ?

For me i’ve been addicted for five years
At the begging I was just curious to know what’s this things it was like a another world for a child
And I did’t realise that I was addicted till I have tried to stop masturbating …
My longest streak was 52 days
And I used to get busy with studying and praying to avoid my self from watching porn also I was making a timetable for each day something like a "to do list " it was really helpful
My reason …I really missed the old version of me …it’s also avoiding me from archiving my goals and stell the peace from me.


-Started watching porn when I was about 12(now 25)
-My longest streak is 2 weeks lol
As of December I’ve had intercourse twice, and fapped once post intercourse w/o porn.
I honestly don’t think I have a porn issue, even when I do fail, I don’t indulge in abnormal material.
-Reason for quitting is I often feel academically challenged and hope that quitting gives me that boost i need. Although nofap on hard mode is currently impossible.

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