Hi guys

I am seeing many people leave this forum without achieving their goal. This forum is also not active like how it used to be. The higher streak people are moving forward and the ones who are stuck in the loop are still there. I joined this forum on July 12 and it was very active, there were challenges and it was fun and also helpful.

It’s my request guys please help each other. If your trying to beat this addiction alone it’s not possible. We will talk to each other in this post and try to help each other. I don’t want to make this post long enough. I hope you guys get it. Let’s go for it.

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Yeah bro you are right! I mean, dont get me wrong i also tried leaving but its impossible for me to leave, cuz i got so much love here,


@valiant_warrior Very true bro…I wish these people wouldn’t leave the forum :cry: they were great companions. Community was very different when I joined too …


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Well, I joined this forum recently and I don’t know how things were that you guys are talking about but all I know that whatever this is, this community, is the best!
When I got here I was lost, depressed, emotionally and physically broken. You people gave me hope, strength, motivation, and realisation. May all of you drink the juices of success :trophy:


@valiant_warrior @Ash_Matt This thought crossed my mind too. Earlier forum was very interesting to visit many challenges going on and many active forum where we can help each other. But now a days I myself do not visit this forum often because now there is nothing interesting to read. I still visit once in a day.
I totally agree when I joined this forum it was a lot different.
I still remember the energy everybody had at that time.


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