Watching p***n while on nofap

Hey just a simple question guys is it normal to watch 3 to 4 minutes porn daily while on nofap without edging or masturbating . I am on day 15 while on this journey i watched 5 minutes porn video while going to sleep i didn’t fapped etc just watched .
Plz tell me is it normal or not

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What is normal and not normal ?..

But it’s totally counterproductive! Watching porn means activating your addiction by stimulating your dopamine system with virtuality…

If you want a quick rewire… No FAP = No PMO.


Hi brother

Watching porn without fapping also disrupts your rewiring process. The dopamine releases in our brain not because of fapping or edging but during the time we watch porn and we need to prevent that from happening. So both porn as well as masturbating is harmful.

Iam not an expert in this but everyone agree with what is said above. Atleast as much as i have read.


All the above replies are legit, also while watching it will prompt you to watch more leading to fried dopamine receptors.
And no matter how much you control while watching u will get relapse.
Stay away and stay safe.

P.s. what if someone saw accidentally what you are watching at that moment?



Edging (/verb) : the act of watching pornography while on a noFap streak.

Bro whatever you are doing is edging. And it is not helping.

NoFap is a great name, but unfortunately it’s a misnomer.
NoFap means no pornography, no edging, no masturbation, nothing like that.
If you do all that and just not masturbation its called semen retention, not NoFap. NoFap is much more than that.

My advice would be to reset your streak everytime you see p*. Seeing it is worse than masturbation, neurologically speaking.

Begin a new streak without all this.

Your choice mate.



I actually watched once for i guess 3 minutes

Well, nope not normal at all.

Okay yes sometimes a small slip like an open tab or a girl sends you a nude on Instagram or old nudes on the phone if you go through your gallery is technically just not an edge depending on how you react to it.

If you close the tab or delete the pics immediately, it wouldn’t count. But stare for a few minutes or not deleting for example is not so good.

In all technical aspects watching porn whilst on Nofap = Relapse not really edging.

Hope this helps. Good luck and stay strong and awesome