Watch Captain Marvel

Its my first day after relapsed yesterday

So I think, i will watch captain marvel tonight… better than watch porn in my bedroom.

Have u already watched it? Is it good?


It’s a good movie and good news: it doesn’t contain any triggers!

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Watching movie will also release dopamine but yeah its way better than porn

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It is awesome movie…Just go for it…Childhood comes back while enjoying it.

Though I am fan of MCU I would love to watch movies, but to do that I have to complete 17 pomodoro session for without relapsing in my productivity challenge
& Already 34 sessions are remaining of previous dopamine pleasure

But completing 51 session of pomodoro session to watch 3d gold 3 hour movie in theatre is both rewarding + Satisfying + Relaxing + entertainment for me, hell yeah
Let’s see when I will complete my remaining 51 session :wink:

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