Was dead inside

I’m on a day 12th day of 30 days nofap, and it really feels great , my confidence level increased. maybe this is the longest streak I could ever have controlled in my entire life. I was addicted to watching porn ,and used to masturbate frequently twice on every 2-3 days. I knew it was damaging everything I wanted, my career(studies)- because most of the free time I get I used it to watch latest porn , which I used to get from my friend. ,I started losing hair, I lost my concentration level, I was becoming a zombie with no feeling, and a whole lot of other damages were taking place. I felt pathetic, cried, pledged to not to do it again but relapsed. It’s not the first time I tried to control my addiction but , before there was no goal. Right now there’s a goal a motive and that’s nofap, and the community keeps me going . I started serious nofap to pursue my dream goal, and I’m on an extreme level. I’ve shut down my Facebook, Instagram, only use WhatsApp for work purpose, not evening listening to music until I hit my goal.

Where I relapsed most:
I would recommend to delete your Instagram as long as you’re on a nofap period, because it is one the major source which might give most of the urges . I had relapsed way more times just by scrolling down Instagram. You can use it as long as you don’t see any explicit picture or you can unfollow the pages which posts them.