War of the worlds 60 day challenge

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Sharing code - 2b6eb1

Current streak - 7*
Highest streak - 33 days *
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - Pakistan

Why I want to create a group ?*
So that I can fight my addictions by competing with other people and beating the hell out of my addiction to P and M
No PM Is the motto of this group

60 DAY CHALLENGE:fire::fire::fire:

BruceLee day 60 :sunglasses:
Error404notfupped Day 34
Parmalchouriya99 Day 17
psycho41 Day 12
lizardsarepeopletoo day 9
Peacelover4664 Day 8
pieterdebeer48 day 5
Blue gladiator Day 0
TheWindWaker Day 27
KingAshai Day 0
the_alpha_wolf Day 2
mayur.dhage356 day 0
Thouxanbanjesus Day 0

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I believe the main issue was the cluttering of the thread as a result of a new comment needed for every update.

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Plz participants update ur score streaks as non active members will be removed