Wanting some viewpoints

I reach 5 days the relapse.

I go 24 hours and relapse.

I feel sad and all day prior, I feel loneliness.

It didn’t help when a movie my Dad picked last night had playboy bunnies in it and theres the trigger.

I hate feeling like this. The loneliness gets me to relapse a lot.

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Make a schedule, where you don’t get time except while sleeping.

Priotise. Be outside as much as possible, be with friends and work.
We will discuss in detail later.
I have an exam in 3 hours >.<

U can write your viewpoint till then.

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I do not have any friends.

I work Monday thru Thursday.

When I make plans, im too tired to execute them.

Other than my job and being a servant to my Dad because of his medical issues, I have more free time and get bored very easily.

I wish you well on your exam.


Thank you!

Btw do u have discord?

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No. What is discord?

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It’s a social media platform, just little better than whatsapp.

I thought we can talk there later. Are you on any other social media platform where privacy is not an issue.

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Im not a social media user except when watching videos on YouTube.

I have a Facebook page, but since my phones update i cant access Facebook

It’s your personal choice :sweat_smile: but you should try coming to different social media for experience.

As some legend said “experience everything, don’t get addicted to anything”

See ya in some time!


And yet im addicted to my phone due to boredom

I’m addicted to PMO because I’m lonely.

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