Want to overcome urges? Wanna be consistent?

The most important thing is to control your mind, controlling physical activity is not the right thing you’re doing. The energy you’re protecting is supreme and you can’t conserve it for long, instead you’ve to convert it into another form like exercising, singing, dancing or anything it could be.
I’m trying to no fap since 2 years but maximum I have controlled is not more than 1 month consistently.

Now I’m determined and just 4 days to complete 1 month again.

So I learned is that controlling mind is much more important, than nofap.

Control Your Urges.
Whenever you feel urges conquering you, start thinking about the day why you started and close your eyes in that second upto 5 minutes. And let the mind think whatever it is, but you focus on your breathe and imagine as your seman is uplifting upto brain.

And now open your eyes.

Note that If you can control your urge you’re becoming stronger.

Push Yourself
You can Do it.

I believe in You.