Want to join WhatsApp group for Nofap companionship

If any one from India want to join WhatsApp group for 100 days steak. Reply below. By joining whatsapp group we can motivation each other during hard timing or during extreme urges. Even there we can discuss about self improvement from each and everyone’s experience.:v::grinning:


Hi…ready if it’s on telegram.


Sorry to say this but it’s on whatsApp. Cuz we are trying to use less social media app. So that’s why it is on whatsapp. Because more people have whatsapp app in their phone. So that is the reason why it is on whatsapp app. If you are interested let me know.

I need a companion desperately i want to beat this disgusting habit. How do i join?

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Sorry to tell you brother. But the group is no longer exists. So I am so sorry to telling you. :cry:

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