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Hi guys

I’ve been mastrubating to digital content since almost Year 5-6, when the Internet become available over GPRS, although in between I have been able to let go highest being 8 months, but lately after installing this app I have been recording and maybe even doing it more that before, i had a initial 34 day streak using this app, but now I’m failing quite quickly.

my personal relationship life has never been very great with every relationship falling quite quickly, I’m not sure if digital perception has caused this.

but like the title says I want to break free from this all together and have a wife & kids.

I’m going to be 32 this year in September, this is my final chance to build a decent life.

Thank you for reading & your support might just help me take the leap once & for all.

thank you.


Hey, welcome to the community!

It’s a great choice to improve your life to seek being free from this bad habit.

Most of the times we don’t deal better with it because of lack of motivation and we know that is not easy. We’re here to help each other during the hard feelings.

Since you have very clear objectives surely it might be less harder for you, but the journey will not be perfect. Remember to never give up despite of all the issues that may happen.

All the best, God keep and bless you! :handshake:


Thank you so much for the kind word and beautiful words, highly appreciated :pray:t4:

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Bear in mind it will be hard at first so expect set backs. Learn from them and move forward. It helps to share your journey with a trusted friend to keep you on track.

Keep it simple until it’s as easyvas breathing.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother.


Thank you for the guidance, if only there was a way to transit the knowledge :pray:t4:

Trust me the Matriz style dowload i would do(conbat style,language and wisdom be on my list).

The way Elon Musk is heading, he might just create something like that. Heard he was already testing it with pigs.

Unless I’m directed by The Lord I’m not touching it.

Deep respect man for saying that, not many people nowadays have faith. Lot of respect and love.

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