Want a friend to reach goals together!

Just a simple guy wanting to get rid of the terrible habit because of the emotional mess it creates inside my mind. Wanna live a life where my desires don’t conquer my behaviour!

Sharing code - nv3zc5

Current streak - 0 day
Highest streak - 40 days
Age - 23
Gender - M

Why I want a companion?
Well, I want to be accountable to someone and in the same time be accountable to the other partner. I believe it’s easy accomplishing things together than doing it alone…


@LeapOfFaith I’m also 23M trying to improve my life style, I’m currently on 11d streak my highest is 20d add me we can overcome this together
My sharing code: uhjclh

Hi, actually am new to this app. I did add you up. How do we actually go from there? Am kinda confused.

I guess we could chat and support through DM

Is there any other way to chat, can anyone help us out here?

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