Wanna know the clear benefits of doing this

I am on 96thday of No PMO. But I can feel the energy but my benefits aren’t been identified. Will it take time or do we need to follow some specific practices to transfer this semen energy. Could someone clearly explain me?

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Use Your Energy If You Feel It.
You Will automatically Understand

Cuz Most Of The People in this forum are just having the problem that they feel no energy :joy:
We All Are Doing Our Best For The Same- You Are A Sitting In The Front Coach Already- Having Rebooted…

Use The Energy - But Dont think you wont feel benefits

  • This is the type of stuff That makes people relapse - and noone especially you wud Like That.

Try Using The Energy - Done
You Are A Step Ahead In Life Itself, Having a newfound gratitude and a reason and Energy to make an impact.

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Brother energy is one of the aims of No fap.
Benefits are merely what you do with that energy.
People on no fap don’t just report muscle growth, they work out.
They don’t just report being toppers, they study hard.
No fap won’t work unless you do.

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