Vivid dreaming of a relapse

Has anyone here had vivid dreams during NNN? On day 11 and had a very surreal dream that I was about to relapse and watch something.

In my dream I’d opened a successful sort of ‘rehab’ clinic for heavy P users, very classy up market house on a beach, but it was during 'down time ’ no guests at the retreat and I was there by myself.

While I was in bed drunk, eating junk food and feeling sorry for myself, I was seconds away from relapse, but at the last minute I heard a crackling, and smelt a burning smell.

Under a desk in my room I’d left a load of rubbish including a discarded old watch battery that was having a chemical reaction and melting through the carpet. I scooped the whole lot up and threw it out of the window, but it set fire to the garden!

I was getting dressed to go outside to put the fire out when I realised in-dream that I was dreaming, and woke up. Now it’s 6am and I’m wide awake, but I didn’t relapse!

Just wanted to share my weird-ass dream with you all before I forget about it. Day 11 and going strong :muscle:

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I had a vivid dream last night (NNN day 16) and I remembered this post afterwards. In the dream I was actually relapsing by watching a p*** video I had stumbled upon it in an ad. I’m so glad I wasn’t acting it out in real life and I don’t think I had a nocturnal emission because of it. It feels like an actual relapse because I saw vivid images in my dream, but of course it was involuntary so I shouldn’t count it as a relapse. Until I had the dream yesterday, I thought it could only happen to me if I was fantasising during the day, but that wasn’t true. I spent the whole day focusing on my studies and only had fleeting urges that I consciously blocked. So, these dreams really come out of nowhere.

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It’s weird as the dream is so obscure yet your brain accepts it as reality. Glad I’m not alone in this and hope you’re staying strong.

Last night I was an anime character (Kenpachi Zaraki) teaching my neighbours how to load and fire a flintlock rifle… Unpack that one!

My dreams of recent have been very surreal. I avoid alcohol and don’t take drugs, but am on anti-seizure medication so it could be that.

Thanks for commenting

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That’s some surreal, comedic dream. Maybe this is one sign that rewiring is actively going in the brain and it’s nice to have some reassuring sign of positive change to keep us going.