Virgin: YES OR NO?

I’m very curious

Is most of this community sexually active or do you use p**n because you’re not?

I personally have never been with anyone so p became sex to me I guess. I USED TO justify it as the closest thing and therefore basic human need. Even though I never truly enjoyed p, I felt that as an adult it was my alternative while I couldn’t have the real thing. Now I’m on a 90 day streak. How about you guys? Virgin, yes or no?


i have a girlfriend.
for me, porn isn’t like or instead of sex.
it’s something completely different.

btw. congrats to 90 days!!

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I have never had sex top do I user to masturbate, but i guess this maybe leaded to many many friendzones in my life. So now I am during the challenge that I started to myself and we will see what will happen :grin:

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Yeah same, I defo get what you mean. Good luck

Thanks. Yeah a lot of people who have access to both look at them separately

When i was single, I used porn and masturbate because of the same thinking. I thought that after i get married i would naturally stop. But i was wrong. Married people also do pmo even though we have access to sex with our wives. One, because it’s a habit and addiction. Two, because there are emotional and psychological issues at the roots of why we do pmo which will take time to resolve. Marriage will not solve your problem


How many years did you fap ? Will you please tell in brief ?

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I fapped 14 years do it If can do This everyone can

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4 yrs for me. I started late (age 16). The first few months I watched it without guilt. The remaining years I was tryna quit/reduce watching it. Only really started taking it serious at the end of last year

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