Vídeo call masturbation?

Jerking off with your girlfriend on vídeo call counts as relapse? I think no because dont have pornograph involved, but its not real sex. I think im gonna allow myself that during quarentine period

Yes it is considered as a relapse coz afterall you are doing masturbation and not real sex


But PMO include porn. And you cant put a video sex call in the same level as pornograph. And besides, I would be having sex if I wasn’t quarantined.

the word PMO
P- Porn
M- masturbation
P- Orgasm
If you say you’re going to abstain from PMO it means you going to abstain from all three, which is also called hardmode, another level is you only have real sex and masturbation even the video call one, the third one is you reduce you masturbation count like do it for once a month, most people here are going hardmode and if you’re going to do it any other way then it’s your call, and yeah do read about nofap on the nofap website before jumping in and making mistakes


And yeah either you get serious about nofap or you keep relapsing it’s your choice


Yes, I am very serious about this. It is not because I am not trying the hardmode way that I am less serious

In pornography you have unending novelty, you jump from video to video and see dozens of different scenes and different people, you can advance the video for the part you want. All of that messes up with your dopamine. In video call you have that ? Its not the same as real, but you are not exposed to the harm of pornography, as a comparative example that is possible to try this way is that I had the same problems in a video call that i have in real sex (delayed orgasm, losing erection).

That is a very limited point of view

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P :- porn (:heavy_check_mark: abstained)
M :- masturbation (:x: not abstained)
O :- orgasm (:x: not abstained :- because it was a result of masturbation and not real sex.)

If you were having real sex, would you say that you were mastubating with your girlfriend?

Therefore , relapsed :heavy_check_mark:

you’re just repeating what the others said up there, nothing new.

Yes, i misinterpreted the concept of pmo. I don’t need 10 equal comments to see that, especially the cocky ones

if you intend to comment, let it be a constructive criticism, i pass parrots

All the best to you :blush:

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Yes, but porn mess up with your dopamine receptors.

how was this experience ? what you did?

im gonna try soon, im curious about it

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At the end of the day you’re Jacking off to pixels. It’s a relapse. You won’t be able to recover fully. That means if you’re facing PIED, it’s gonna get worst. And the benefits you’d be looking for will be gone.

severely addicted to pornograph

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you were free of pornography at that time ?

Yes, that can be a problem

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Dude share your journey man. You have reached so many days. Please write a post sharing your experience @Brahmachari_17. I would really appreciate that.