Version 3.3.0 Released

Changes :

  • Added notifications screen, for all kinds of notifications coming in future
  • Added ability to send follow requests from profile dialog
  • Added ability to see pending requests from my companions screen
  • Added support for push notifications
  • Added backstack management, pressing back button won’t exit the app right away
  • If password screen is showing, the top menu bar buttons will now do nothing
  • Fixed a issue where screen would flicker up and down in forum screen
  • When rearrange button is pressed, whole friend list is loaded
  • Fixed incorrect ranks displayed in badges in some cases
  • Fixed text clipping issues in bottom navigation bar
  • Fixed dialogs theme issues on some devices
  • Fixed theme issues in date and time pickers
  • Fixed theme issues in account creation screen
  • Fixed keyboard not appearing in report dialog
  • Fixed tutorial glitches
  • Updated Spanish, Indonesian, German, Portuguese and Romanian translations
  • Min supported android version is now 5.0 Lollipop
  • App shortcuts launches are more efficient(fast)
  • Code cleanup and lots of misc fixes
  • Updated UI to be more consistent
  • Updated libs

Thanks to all the Beta testers for helping out :slight_smile:

Reply to this topic if you experience any issue.


Thank you! These changes are awesome and helpful!


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