Venky's diary [23M]

Day 1 : Got lots of motivation from Rewire companion users. Determined for a 7 day streak.


Day 2 : Have written my commitment 100 times on a paper, it make me confident.

Spent free time watching House of cards and reading forum posts instead of watching p*rn and fapping.

Taken cold shower before sleep, instead of warm one. Felt more conscious.

Discovered one technique : I used to sleep in lungi (indian casual bottom for men) without innerwear, which makes me feel comfortable during sleep. This also arouses me in the morning. Wearing an underwear kept my morning urges away. It’s not very comfortable, but it helped me from my morning PMO.


Day 3 : Got some thoughts to see only instagram pics, but I realised that it won’t stop there. I can take me to po*n websites. I took 5 long breaths and relaxed my prefrontal cortex.

Urges gone :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing I noticed today : whenever I close my room’s door or whenever I enter washroom, I am getting horny and thoughts of mast*rbation kickin. I will find a technique for this problem.

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Day 4 : No urges in the morning as I wear underwear. Fresh start of the day.

Still not feeling any benefits of nofap. It may take some more time to feel the change, but I am not gonna quit

After u cross 10 days mark , u will see don’t worry just keep going

Relapsed on 5th day. Such a waste I am

You are not waste. You are learning.
Never give up. You can brother