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Bhai, iske mein se positive uthao ki tumne 30 din aur 70 din tak pahunche, hamne toh 21 days cross nahi karsake. Now promise yourself that you will break that record of 70 days, at the same time don’t crave for the number of days you want to achieve, rather crave for that feeling of freedom, where urges come and you kick them away, because you are in control of your mind.

Good luck.


Dont underestimate power of a tiger!


Bro @TheFinalFrontier, please learn the lesson bro. We all saw you writing in your diary about committing suicide because thats how much fucked up this addiction is. I’ve been through it too. Let’s be humble and grow from our suffering, let voluntarily go through the pain of withdrawals, flatline etc of pmo and get to the other side. Lets help each other and learn from each other. You have greatness within you but what have you done to make that greatness a reality?
I know its no use preaching and I don’t like that too. But please learn from your own mistakes bro. How you fell before??
You are someone who have had 60+, 90+, 150+ days etc streak and where are you now?


Many of them… there is a big market out there

Hey man, I’m excellent, thanks for asking. Hustling, you know how it goes. Wby brother?

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Manytimes I relapsed , again I made 30+ streak bro… @edistoretto

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Relapse is irrelevant if you pushed yourself to your limits in those 30+ days.
If you improved and learned from your streak, you succeeded in my eyes.
Now. Push even further.


Dude I was reading your post about how high you were initially. Writing long shitty things on how motivated you were to achieve something great in ur life. While I admire your steer determination but you know what you talks a lot than actually doing the shit

Come on I truly wanna see change in you.
I had a nasty habit of masturbating to real woman rather than a pixel women,I was never into porn. Here when I had posted my situations,many guys roasted me which I believe was a startling fire :fire: in me to really change this habit. Now I don’t fap watching women secretly.

I love this app and this community
May all of us achieve greatness in our life


Dude. Count on me. I will either be free or die this time. I already made a commitment to donate a huge amount if I fail. I don’t want to spend that much money. That is a fail safe option. This time see my dead body if I fap. Not this month !


Hi, don’t exaggerat. I know it’s hard. But be easy on yourself. It’s ok to be trapped sometimes. But if you don’t try to get up after falling that’s bad. Treat yourself like a kid. Who has a lot to learn yet.

Make sure this app is the first thing you see when you open your phone. So whenever you have an Urge. You straight come here and write what you feel or read.

I STRONGLY suggest to read @readytodothis posts. He is just amazing.

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Every time I see this thread I wanna reply to it,
" 100 bucks per litre!" :joy::joy::joy:


That’s too less dude :joy::joy:, it should be 100 thousand bucks oer litre.

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That’s too less dude :joy::joy:, it should be 100 thousand bucks per litre.

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Now that I think about it, a litre is a lot of jizz bruh…

100 bucks per gram and we have a deal!:handshake:

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