Valuable life lessons I learnt share yours too

Share your life lessons too. And also advice me on my improvement in studies bcoz nowadays I become too impulsive :cry:

Days Completed : 1) without porn - 6months
2) without MO- 6 months
3) without wet dreams - 10d
4) no fantasizing- 5d

Benefits : became normal, more productive, more optimistic, more learning. Earlier I thought doing nofap would give me super powers that I don’t want to study or learn or wake up early but I will get good marks, that’s not the case. Nofap is not a one stop solution for life problems. Life always has problems thats the essence of life. Solving problems and levelling up gives the motivation. Also Nofap isn’t a placebo either. Nofap lifestyle has astounding benefits mainly the inner confidence. Thanks to the Almighty

battling the urges : read easy peasy hack book by Alan Car

What was differenent this time : few days ago,
I was drawn into fantasizing endlessly without even considering about the important exams which are v.near. but by the Guidance of God, I was saved.

lesson 1 You gain both ways but choose long term gain

Fantasizing about the favorite/ supra normal stimulating porn :arrow_right: we gain pleasure

Patiently enduring without giving into urges :arrow_right: we gain personal development, getting near to the Almighty, most importantly being true to ourselves.

lesson 2 be happy/optimistic about life even when things doesn’t seem to go as intended

Nowadays exam stress, myself not being sincere etc makes me a lot worried :arrow_right: **as a result I resort to spending/wasting most of my time in whatsapp, YouTube, unlimited entertainment ** without taking steps to prepare for my university exams next month. This is serious bcoz earlier when i was stressed I consumed PMO for dopamine hunger but now since there is no pmo I use other means so I must correct this

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Bro, I want to understand how exactly easy peasy hack book by Alan helped you. I read the book but what I could got from it basically what it is saying to change the mindset. Not to apply will power method. But I am confused how to apply it practically in real life. Any suggestions? Tagging @Tagore also. I feel I still have to fight with the urges. i didn’t find anything in the book what to do when strong urge comes.


I also failed after reading the 1st time. But I again read the book tried to understand it more.

Whatever May happen dont enter the porn sites. It will delude you a lot. But at that time, think about how beautiful life will be without this filth also how awful it will become if you decide to give in. That gives me a sense of relief. That fear of being trapped into porn also prevents me from entering into porn sites again. But All Thanks to the Almighty

Take a firm decision ( actually I haven’t took a firm enough decision, that’s why I resorted to fantasizing) that once you escape from the trap you won’t open pen sites how hard urges may come. Thanks for asking bcoz I think now the same will apply this to whatsapp and social media addiction.

Pro tip read the book in a single day that will help you understand the key points better.

2) reflect near each points. As I read the book, I would highlight and type about the feelings I have


Thanks bro for explaining. Although I struggle more with masturbation rather than porn. I guess same will be applicable there.


Hello @anon65589122

I would say that essentially the easypeasy hackbook (the easyway in general) is based on mindfulness instead of willpower. The idea is that by reading the book, you bring up those aspects, can look at them and realize that there’s no reason to have urges for something that gives you nothing and takes away from you instead, just like the poison that porn is.

The book mentions things that apply to all kinds of sex addiction. If you struggle with masturbation, what you perhaps might be thinking at your core is that masturbating is a way to cope and that orgasms are essential for your happiness. Maybe you think that having an orgasms is one of the best experiences ever. If that sounds like you, then reading the book again might be helpful.


Bro, I have been having problems focussing on studies too. Especially with the different kinds of things I was feeling last days, I wasn’t sble to concentrate at all. Just like you, I also began procrastinating with small things like listening to songs, watch youtube etc… But after a few days, I began to get massive urges, and I went for a peek. This led to relapse. One relapse led to another and within a matter of 40 hours, I had relapsed 4 times. This 1 day streak that I’m having right now, is probably the most hard fought 1 day streak I’ve had in quite some time. Well, what I have been doing is beginning to start studying again with easy, small and fun topics. This gives me the motivation to keep going until I complete it and the time passes like that. So, if you are having problems with studies, then finish the small and easy ones first. This way you’ll get closer to the goal and then you’ll be left with only few big things to study, for which you’ll have ample amount of time.

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All the best brother for your journey

Kudos to you sir. Well explained.
Can’t explain better than this.
Thanks for giving a helping hand


Thanks a lot for your wonderful advice brother.
All the best for your journey.


Lesson 3 Listen to the conscience.

Yesterday when I slacking off… a voice inside me warned me to be sincere and complete the assignment that I have to submit today morning but I didn’t pay heed to it and continued. As a result of late hrs of sleep, I woke up late even then I didn’t started completing my work. If I had completed the work at the correct time, I wouldn’t have got bad name from my professor as well as my parents. My dad became v.much upset with me. It really made me think about my mistake. I think even this bad experience is for my good bcoz after that I started studying sincerely

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Hey @Byebyemediocrity ,

If I may answer with a pneumonic-


A-rational Attitude
R-Respect others
T-avoid Triggers
A-Act now
G-eyes on Goal
H-Hard work
S-Smart work
P-avoid Procrastination
E-Emotionally balanced

All the best.


Awesome sir :ok_hand:

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