Using a fleshlight is the same thing as faping?

I have a fleshlight hidden at my student dorm. It’s rather a single dorm where no one can enter but me. Earlier I read a lot about this fleshlight that improves sexual stamina among other things such as lasting longer in bed because I used to fap many times for almost 8 years now, and I used to ejaculate for under 5-10 minutes. The reviews say that 10 pumps equals 10 minutes or so in bed. When I’ve bought and used it for the first time it felt much more different than masturbation but I know it is the same selfish act of sexual stimulation and with that I watch porn when I use this toy. Btw another reason that made me buy a fleshlight was also because of being a 20 (soon to be 21) years old Muslim virgin. I cannot break the one religious law that make my life half complete otherwise my soul will burn in hell for that (as we believe). So I am asking what are your thoughts?

I dabbled with those things too at one point, but if you look at the science it’s the same as fapping, well it is fapping actually, they don’t call a girl mastrobating with a toy something else it’s still the same just with a tool. I know the feeling, I’m a conservative Christian and I’m a 20 year old virgin, I am saving myself for marrage.


If I watch porn without masturbating does it count as relapse? I did that yesterday when I couldn’t sleep and it feels like I was relapsing but fought the urges at the same time

That is up to you, I think it is because it has same harmful affects, and it doesn’t help anyone

Personally I think it depends does watching porn results in after thoughts and that feeling that you did the deed then yes…

For me personally porn is same as relapsing… I always get boner, premature ejaculation and after thoughts… I may not always masturbate but there is that feeling that I did the deed

I think it the same as masturbation too… but that’s my personal opinion… also a Muslim… hang in there man I know the feels

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