User1414's Diary - Hard fight hard to not think about it specially if I can't keep myself busy

My journey,
Day 555, 19 yrs old

My personal record of 555 days, sadly I’ll reset and will be back to zero again.

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No way no f ing way! Man did you relapse on day 555? If so would mind teling us what triggered you for such successful streak? That’s a bummer to be honest, if it’s wet dream then no need for resetting your counter.


I lost control bro. I felt like its not worth holding. Temptation took over. It was never really planned to happen, I was going strong but what do you do when the thing that is keeping you from doing it is not there like I was not doing it because i want to be strong, confident and full of energy for people. It was working but everyday is just the same, they’re no people to prove it to. I know to some of you it doesn’t matter cause the only thing we need to prove it is to ourselves but that’s how i draw motivation. But its just they are not there. Wax on, wax off. Guess I forgot why I should not be doing it.

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And now i’m in rock bottom.

Yes; outside world doesnt matter in this journey. This journey is towards ourself… towards god

Everyday is never the same bro… unless you are too rigid in your habits. You should have made new good habits. You should have transmute your sexual energy in greater things.
Its so heartbreaking to hear such stories.

I understand this things happen to the best of us, all we gotta do is try and improve

Youve so much in front of you with that age. Dont make a wrong decision again. Youre stil not late. Dont binge and go down the pit. It’s darn not easy to climb up. Not many succeeded. its not a battle of muscle, bro. It’s a battle of everything, a battle of life. Once you are on top don’t make the mistake of going down for whatever reason!

Youre 19y old. PMO will suck the life out of you. You might have mistakenly took the change to be disproportionally superpower. No. Youll just be you. But normal you. With potentials of super, to be made. Not the addict with social anxiety, depression, procrastination, brain fog, dont perform in anything, your ambition or even your job, pervert thoughts with any women even if she’s your mother, sister, teacher or anyone who loves you for who you are not your d**k. Trust me, in real life, no lady are looking for dicks nor looking in man for their dick. If you want to be that low, no doubt you’ll end up find that kind of girls too.

It’s lucky that you write here. Dont destroy your life.