Urges,which i can't handle

Hi guys,
Hope all are well
I’ve been in no fap journey for two years , ups and down ups and down .
My strike has been decreased from 110 to 3 days.
I have just reset this 3day strike 2hrs ago

The question is that how i can handle argues because it seems that i dont know.

The urges that i am facing these days are related to the physical symptoms, it is huge it last at least for 2 days !!!i so thats why i can’t handle that .

I handle the first day but the second it is too hard to compete.

Another question is about the feeling urgues which related to feeling likes emptiness and dopamine , i am not facing it these days but i need to prevent it from happening .
Plz mention article or another similar topics if you know


I think all I can say is when the urge strikes you need to get your mind on something else and make sure you keep your hands away from your device and you pants. Just do something creative with your urge energy. Remember that it will only be a few days of discomfort and then you will break out of this.

Hi bro, I am sorry to hear that, hope you will gain your momentum back.

Regarding these urges which you are mentioning, I have a question.

You were relapsing a little often few months ago but you got that rhythm and consistency, then again from last 4 to 5 days you’ve slipped up. And facing these Uncomfortable urges all a sudden. These uncertainty of urges maybe due to you relapsing after a very long time, andgiving your brain that more than necessary dopamine.

But notice anything unusual in your behavior and attitude and the circumstances that are leading upto which is why you are feeling the way you are.

I am not able to find the momentum and consistency for a very long time now, and I too am in this journey for about 2years now. But never able to cross a month till now. Seems I can’t tackle the same type of urges which I tackled before. I even forget how I reacted to the urges before.

Nowadays it seems I can’t handle any type of urges and I fail in front every emotion and give in… To the urges…

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