Urges - [email protected] to do

So I’m just curious regarding urges. I’ve heard that cold showers, exercise, push-ups, and staying busy tend to help with urges.

What else would you recommend to help alleviate urges?

I don’t struggle with urges that last a few hours, I struggle with urges that last the whole day. I think it’s part of the reason I can’t build a longer Streak. Any tips are appreciated.:+1:

I locked my internet browser and hid my password on my phone for around 4 months. And deleted social media apps except for snapchat (I couldn’t lose my streaks)

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Don’t do anything Yess I m right just don’t do anything and try not to be alone assume your hand are not working if your mind says to watch porn just let it chatter ,but you have to do nothing because your hands are not working okk urges will vanish

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Bro I get what you’re asking, but if you have urges that last a whole day, then you need to consider keeping yourself busy the whole day. It’s like asking “what to do if someone is thirsty, besides drinking water or drinkable substances”. It makes no sense. You are having urges all day coz you have nothing else to focus your mind on. And your mind, that is addicted to pmo, keeps remembering what it feels like to fap or one fap won’t hurt much as you have achieved so much (false justification illusion). So my friend, occupy yourself with anything that helps in your personal development (whether it is studies, workout, job, a good hobby, a sport,etc).

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Urges that stay all the day wont go away unless you get focused on long term things. Also there are some days that is impossible to make them go away. That urges arent the normal urges, they are easy to ignore, but very persistent.


In addition to what others have said about developing big time outlets for your energy, you could try something like body scan meditation to develop tolerance to and acceptance of sensations in your body while freeing yourself of the need to act on them. You could find some good ones on YouTube, I would suggest picking slow, detailed ones that teach you how to sustain non-reactive awareness of different parts of your body (including when you are feeling aroused). This is a great spiritual exercise in itself, and even more useful when you do it in combination with NoFap.

But yes, the real, pactical solution (unless becoming a full time meditative monk is practical for you) is to find other outlets that expend your energy and tire you in other, preferably enjoyable, ways. It could be running, swimming, playing music, traveling, whatever you like. If you have to make sacrifices of money or resources or routine or something else to make room for it, it’s worth it . That’s what the discomfort that you feel upon not fapping is really urging you to do. Go out. Do something. Anything.

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@aapoorv75 I understand staying busy all day. It gives my body time to let the urge go away. The only thing I can say is that if the urge is still there at night I might act on it. Can’t stay busy in bed to avoid fapping right?

@miguelangel.povedasanchez staying focused on long term things does help with motivation throughout the day. Some urges really do remain persistent. Thanks for the advice.

@adequatemonty body scan meditation is something I haven’t tried yet but I’ll look into it. I do struggle with filling my whole schedule so it will be a challenge staying busy. Thank you for your input.

I’ve tried walking, using a computer, being surrounded by people, and work and it seems like the urges don’t go away. I’ve noticed when I am busy I plan on fapping sometimes when I am alone but I often change my mind. Challenging myself to stay busy will also help fight boredom.

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What day are you in? I’m only on day 3 but the urges are exceptional and on a similar level to the urges I feel on day 7. Sometimes occur when I’m playing computer games, sometimes occur when I’m imagining about sexy women I met today. It’s strong and it lasts for quite a long time too.
Well, I’ll try to get through it and I’ll just try to get over it when enjoying it. It’ll subside eventually. But be wary if it comes again and use the “get over it” method.

I’m on day 2 and I used the get over it method. I thought about it a few times and decided it wasn’t worth it. The urges left and came back and left again.

These urges are not as strong as I’ve felt in the past. It didn’t push me to my limit.

Don’t know what to do…

@dandy18lie Are you fantasizing? You might want to force yourself to think about something else.
Maybe you can be pre-occupied with something that will make you change your focus.

Good luck with those urges, hope you make it through.

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Somehow I edged for 2 seconds due to unintentionally looking at sexy pics.
Feeling guilty afterwards, but no energy/benefits wasted.

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Writing a diary could help a lot, I wrote 3 the day i relapsed I got off all the feelings I got from relapsing and everytime I think about fapping I look at the dairy it makes things better and makes you remember why are you doing this.

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