Urges during homework & Adderall

So I’m a senior in college and my big problem is that I try not to jerk off but the urges come while I’m doing homework and I either A) Avoid jerking off but the mental battle is so much I can’t do hw or B) I jerk off just so I can focus and get my shit done. I don’t know what to do because I can beat it if I have nothing I need to accomplish but It is nearly impossible to get work done sometimes.

Another one of my problems is that because I can’t focus due to ADHD I take adderall which if anyone here takes it then you know it can make you horny like crazy. It only does that about half the time for me and the other half I can focus; so I get more done overall with the adderall.

Does anyone know anyway to either tone down adderall’s horny-ness or tricks to get me back on track?

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hi patrik
nice to have you here
i know that. i used to get urges during studying too. i loved the clear mind i had after coming.

for me it’s the realisation of all the wasted time (during masturbation time goes by soo fast. you can spend this time better)
and also all the energy and focus you lose.
i don’t know if there is a do this than this will happen solution. i think you have to realize that porn isn’t the way to go.

now without porn it’s almost impossible for me to focus but i just have to re-learn that.
i will start next week with something like focus on studies for 5min. then a pause -> again 5min of full focus.
i hope that i can build new neuronal pathways which work without porn

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regarding adhs
i don’t know you, so i can’t judge your situation.
but at least where i come from adhs is one of the most often diagnosed disorders in children and in my opinion in most cases without good reason.
there is a difference between being a little jumpy / energetic with bad focus and real adhs.
i myself got a wrong diagnoses and got ritalin which absolutely destroyed everything.
my opinion to medication is only take em if they really are necessary (of course don’t just judge by your own but with a doctor)

I have ADHD too, and use I ritalin (alternative to adderall) which makes you crazy horny aswell. Usually right after taking the meds I do some meditation. Listening to some chill background music also helps. Just try to focus your mind on the task at hand, let the urges come and go.
I’d strongly recommend meditation.

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Well I think they’re right because I have a bunch of friends on adderall too but unlike them the only negative side effects I get are light dry mouth (sometimes) and being horny. Otherwise my mind is crystal clear and I feel great. But I will try the meditation. In the past for myself, meditating makes me feel enclosed for some reason and I have a mild case of claustrophobia so it usually made me a bit panicky instead of chill but that was a couple years ago. Who knows if it’s still that way.

Did you had this ADHD before 13 yrs of age ?

Yes, since I was child. But I was diagnosed much later in life.

Have you tried hard mode ?

No I developed it in my late teens. And what do you mean by hard mode?

No sex or fap? I haven’t but my gf and I don’t get the chance to see each other much right now so I’m not having really any sex anyways. Which is another problem for me because when she and I don’t do stuff for a while the urges move past porn and there’s a part of me that’s like “fuck it. let’s just get laid”. I gave in once when we first started dating but couldn’t go through with it. When things are going well, I don’t want to watch porn or be with anyone besides her.

I’m taking 20mg of Methylphenidate in the morning an midday. An when I watch my relapses, they are mostly at midday and late afternoon.
I asked myself why, an realised, that the time of the day, when my meds are going down and my dopaminlevel falls.
It feels terrible, but without these meds, I would sleep all day.
I realised that causality just some days ago und found only one reddit user writing about this topic. Maybe for some people who take ritalin, medikinet or something like this, it would be helpful to know that connection between our meds and urges…