Urges diary/record/log, just to keep track - Rab m22

Hey guys
my friend and I challenging each other, on no fap
We talked like 40 minutes ago, battle is on

We said I will tell him or write here when I get an urge. So it’s the first and last line of defence. He will write for me or another friend, if he felt an urge.


I resort to random chat websites, to spend some time and chat people. It’s full of horny people there.
A bit ago I someone there did get to me, I didn’t touch my self, but it was pretty hard, to the point like I feel like I want this chat more than no fap. It stoped I came here to write it down.

An advice is just quit these websites I can tell random people anything, since they don’t know who am I. There is no alternative a rl friend I can share all with. Or just chat or have conversation with anyone about anything, I can’t think of a friend to call.

So it is 11/12/21 23:12

17/12/21 15:54

another urge, it's negative paragraph

right now I’m having strong urges, and I really want to give up and release some tension.
Where is it coming from? I’m pretty tired and feeling bad.
I’ve been working alot and it’s stressful, not getting enough sleep or rest, then my friend/(companion since April), has once again bursted of anger, something happened, idk what he’s going through, he could’ve shared, the bottom line it didn’t end up well between us I’m pretty mad at him, I feel really bad, cause I believed in him that he’s better than how he reacted the other day.
I believe I did my part as a friend, the rest on him.
And nvm the rest.
so it’s building up, that I feel like relapsing, big one, it’s feels like I want to give up and keep relapsing to feel better, However I won’t relapse, just another mind game

Hey I’m very horny, and full of emotions
I should go take a bath soon
It’s gonna be hard for me if go now
I need some distraction,

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