URGES AT NIGHT! Need solutions!

I get urges only late at night when in bed… Please tell me solution. I can’t go outside at night what should i doo

Focus on going to sleep

You are on right track bro, you get urges at night aka (when you are alone). Play a one night match with your devil, and start reading good motivational books. Defeat the urge once, and repeat this process again.

When you get a huge urge, start doing push ups immediately 10 to 15 times, at a stretch. U will likely to get tired, and then go to sleep.

Just when you think you are going to watch porn, (just watch), it’s a trap. Immediately watch a motivational video about how no fap can improve your life for the better in YouTube you have to stay strong at that very moment.

Talk to your parents for 30- 40 mins. You urge will pass…

Good luck bro. :smiley:


I find that a non-frustrating game on my phone helps me pass the time until the urge is gone. Something simple, whatever you enjoy. Listen to some music while you do. Just make it a rule that both hands CANNOT leave the phone no matter what. If you’re into meditation or prayer, that can be effective as well. I feel your pain, 99% of my relapses have happened at night. But I know they can be resisted!!


for me it’s the routine before going to bed.

  • always go to bed at the same time
  • no phone or blue light 30 min before going to bed
  • doing some stretching
  • read for 15 min
  • write down a summary of the day and goals for the next day
    -> i fall asleep fast

Namaskar bhai,
Before going to sleep do this routine :

  1. Sit down cross your legs. Take a deep breath. Exhale it 80% out and hold at 80% for one second. Then keep on exhaling out small breaths out. Dont worry about inhalation. It will happen on its own. Do this breathing excervise as long as you can do. Purpose of this excercise is to expel out the demon in you
  2. Take a deep breath and chant gayatri mantra. First in your mind for 2 times. Then speak it 2 times.
  3. Take a deep breath speak :om: 5 times. Then chant hare ram ram ram hare hare, hare krishna hare krishna hare hare 5 times.
  4. Close your ear with thumb pressed against the ear outer shell which is close to nose side, put other fingers to close your both eyes. Then chant hmmmmmm sound 5 times. The purpose of all this mantras is to purify your soul from lust
  5. Do anolom vilom pranyam to ease the breathing and to sleep soundly.

Rule.1. Dont touch dick
Rule.2. Dont use eletronics
Rule.3. Grab a book read till you fall asleep
Rule.4. If above the rules didn’t work. Do your laundry & wash dishes & organise your house do any cleaning task & wash floors&if all of these completed take hot water bath​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:(if you took cold water its hard to sleep)


What’s important is reducing the intensity of urges. Exercising (not every day) might help. Resolving emotional stuff during the day should help offset urges.


I find that it helps if you can fall asleep quickly. Working out during the day and being active will release endorphins that will A) Take the edge off and B) Help you fall asleep more quickly at night. Also if it’s possible, keep your room cold. Like, two or three blankets cold. Hard to masturbate when the second you touch yourself you go full raisin mode.


Try and keep busy during the day so when it comes time to sleep you will be too tired to do anything and try taking cold showers

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