Urgent Help Please!

Hello everyone
I am on my 13th day and today I had avery bad dream that I relapsed.
I woke up with this very bad urge (the strongest of all time) and I am afraid this will make me fall again.
Please guide me to something I can do.

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If you are alone, then go stay with other people for a while till it calms down. Take a cold shower, that always helps. If you can go play outside, that is the best solution in my opinion. You can also talk to someone over the phone if you cannot find anyone to spend time with


I totally agree with @GOVIND-19 advice…
When you’re alone these are the best options…

Enjoy being alone(because you might won’t get those moment or circumstances again to enjoy)…

About being engage…
You can try cold shower​:shower: (it doesn’t mean you take shower with ice cubes :cold_face: :rofl: normal water which comes direct connection)
Cold Shower helps you to relieve stress or calm your mind… (Gives shock for a second which is good for health especially when we first enter)

Second check on Nature beauty…
We always be busy enough that we ignore sometimes the beauty of the nature
Some examples like morning early sun rise… Rainy season :sweat_drops: (feel the rain)…
Sleeping Night under stars…
Many more are there which is possible do it…

If you wanna have conversation then talk to someone close to you… Either family members, friends, colleagues on call. It will refresh your mood and may divert your mind from unhealthy habit.

I hope you’ll do great ahead…
If you need any help Dm me anytime.


Thank you @GOVIND-19 and @Adioz_aka_Adidas
I followed your advice and it did help.

I stayed with my family almost the whole day. Then I went for a walk.
I talked to obe of my close friends whom I haven’t contacted for a while, and we stayed on phone tor over an hour. Thankfully it did help and got my mind very busy away from porn!
I did some exercises and I ended my day with a cold shower.

Thank you again very much for saving me!!!


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