Urge to masturbate at morning and night

Whenever I wake up about to go to sleep, I feel like that’s the time where the urge is so strong.Why is this so and what can I do to help me stpp this habit?

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I think it might have to do with the subconscious that have been molded by years of pmo. We relate comfort with sex, beauty with sex, girls with sex even if she’s someone’s you should never have that thought on her etc.

Also, its when our conscious mind starts to lose its tight grip on our action. The “real” us is showing at this moment. NOFAP is basically trying to change this. To be a real gentleman inside out man and not a pervert in the closet with fake attitude in public.


I would say we are having these urges to fap because of mind failure

We have given up our keys to the mind & mind is full of fear because he knew its place. He is our slave.

When Master wakes up. First thing he does is put the mind to work where he belongs.