Unwanted Erotic dream

Hello everyone I’ve got question to you. Today I had erotic dream and when I wake up I hate wet panties fully of my sperm but I didn’t masturbate at all. So here is my question. Is it my fault and I need to reset counter and start from the beginning? I didn’t wanted this dream it just happened. I don’t know what to do.

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Its natural and healthy. No need to reset the counter.
U need make a little changes to your lifestyle :

  • Running morning and evening.
  • Avoid spicy and fast food.
  • Dont drink hot milk before sleeping.
  • Dont edge.
    WetDream is quite natural and healthy if it happens twice or thrice a month.

Does man wear panties ?


Exactly what i was thinking

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Of course I mean boxers shorts :wink: thanks for answering my question.

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That’s natural and in wet dream you don’t lose that much semen compared to that after masterbation. Do not think more on it. If you over think on such thing there is chance that you may get trigger and start edging and then relapse. Take it easy . It’s natural. Stay healthy stay unbeaten. :v:

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If he edged then he needs to reset his Counter.

It was just a wet dream. No need to reset.