Unbroken Celibacy

“Only unspoiled flowers are devoted to God.”

Does that means that I won’t be able to become an unbroken celibate. It’s my motivation for no fap. Not counting the days but making the days count by finding what i am capable of. But what’s the meaning if I am spoiled from the beginning. All of us here are spoiled and trying to better ourselves.

What to do?? Ever since I have read this quote I am disappointed and feel like my past had been trash and because of the mistakes I once did I won’t be able to accomplish my ultimate goal. Need a way out of it.

Even if I am spoiled, we are spoiled; the fact that we’re here alone proves we are ashamed of our mistakes and are trying to recover. God being the supreme entity must be seeing all this. Won’t he forgive someone for their past mistakes if he is good now and apologized for it.

Even if it doesn’t go by the way I want it to , it won’t mean that I will quit no fap.
I am a nofapper. And I’ll be one forever. FOREVER!


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