Un foreseen urges

I had unforeseen urges today (in the morning )and relapsed because of it , do u guys go this also ?
Also what do you do if you face something like this (especially in the morning)


If you could expand and explain… or give a specific example of trigger(?)

I think this is a helpful question but a bit vague :thinking:

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Though I do usually have a particular time when I get major urges, but sometimes minor urges may come at any time. What do you mean by unforeseen here? If I am not mistaken then I have read your earlier posts saying that you get urges every morning, then how are they unforeseen?

Regarding morning urges, You should have a morning routine bro, it will motivate you to leave the bed as soon as you wake up.


Morning is the worst time to relapse.

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These urges , their intensity is new , I normally dont get urges when I have a routine but sometimes just sometimes there is a break in that routine and I get urges. It’s like a surprise attack

Like I got up in the morning and I dont gather why , could have been the cold or the too much dinner that I ate , I got a big urge and I could not think about stopping it .I ignored the bad results , did not use my safety manuvers and crashed into PMO but only for 10 mins

You will have to learn to say NO to yourself that’s the only solution to urges, only after that you can take other measures like cold shower, excercise etc.


Do you stay in bed for sometime after waking up?

Sometimes yes I do that

If I know that I am more likely to relapse then I get out of the bed early

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