Ultimate nofap practice tools ( Write your tips and Get Badges )

I have lost the followings because of PMO

  1. 7 years

  2. Many friends

  3. Tuition classes because student also had PMO habit ; I was afraid to teach him

  4. 2 Mobile phones ; I tried to use google family link in my phones ; two of my phone became useless

  5. Spent more than INR 30000(approx) for watching P.

  6. Lost girlfriends who proposed from their side

  7. More than 100 gmail accounts

  8. Many beautiful moments when my friends went out and I was home.

  9. Outings

  10. Job

  11. Skills and memory

  12. Valuable seminal fluids

My aim is to not to waste more time of my life. So I have decided

Some Things you need to understand

You should understand many things about PMO like

Chaser effect
Coolidge effect

Rebooting Basics

Useful Tools & Tips

More Tools

My tips :

  1. Change your email address

  2. Add Cleanbrowsing family filter dns in routers

  3. Add Cleanbrowsing dns in computers and mobile dns settings ( android 9+ )


  1. Add the following dns url in chrome dns settings ( Chrome 90.0 above )


  1. Avoid virtual private networks

  2. Contact ISPs ( Jio , airtel or VI ) customer care. Tell them your problems. Ask them to block adult websites and/or slow down your internet after 9 pm.

  3. Use Digital Well-being or Yourhour app to timewise block access to problematic mobile apps.

  4. Set parental control pin in apps/play store and set the age to 7+ apps. Forget the app pin.

  5. Set the app download network preference to “Over Wifi only”

  6. Set the filter explicit content in google or ask ISP to filter.

  7. Delete any Social Media account

  8. Try to block javascript for all websites except rewirecompanion and other useful websites

  9. Use ad blocking softwares

  10. Report or block triggering ads in youtube or avoid youtube at certain times.

Important : Website blockers or P blockers might trigger !

50 Beautiful things to do instead of PMO or MO

  1. Try Ashwini Mudra, Vajroli Mudra

  2. Sambhavi Mudra

  3. Sheetali Pranayam

  4. Bhramari Pranayam

  5. Play brain games on paper ( Sudoku, Crosswords )

  6. Buy a sudoku booklet from amazon and solve sudoku

  7. Buy a ludo or chess

  8. Try new things like change wallpaper of your phone everyday or every week

  9. Learn English Grammar, Arabic etc

  10. Learn other languages from duolingo

  11. Learn and create Graphic design in canva

  12. Play and learn chess in Dr. Wolf App

  13. Play Temple run or Subway Surfer ( Freefire, PubG is not recommended at all )

  14. Organise you desk, closet and table

  15. Learn how to write a journal

  16. Hangout with a good friend

  17. Watch Discovery, National Geography, Animal Planet, TLC, History TV 18, CN, Hungama TV, Disney Channel.

  18. Watch non-romantic and non-sexual shows

  19. Get a subscription of Hotstar VIP from a jio or Airtel or VI plan

  20. Watch Kota Factory and Aspirant webseries

  21. Get a Netflix Subscription and watch quality shows

  22. Get Youtube premium , hotstar vip , amazon prime , Spotify Premium and enjoy them

  23. Learn CBT, DBT and NLP

  24. Listen to music

  25. Buy a google home speaker or amazon echo and enjoy music

  26. Learn your favourite subject you missed because of PMO

  27. Go to Gym

  28. Write a letter to God

  29. Read your books from standard 1 or 2

  30. Visualise your childhood.

  31. Eat dark chocolates, cardbury, perks and kitkat

  32. Eat black bourbun biscuit , sunfeast bounce, cakes, rasagulla , gulabjamun

  33. Cook a veg dish or non veg dish

  34. Go hiking.

  35. Start reading a new book

  36. Solve difficult math equations

  37. Start a think-week

  38. Create and / or join challenges in NF Community and rewirecompanion

  39. Challenge your co-fapstronauts

  40. Play cricket , football outdoor

  41. Run, cycling

  42. Give thanks to Customer Care of your ISP

  43. Donate your unused clothes, toys and appliances

  44. Make a tea or coffee

  45. Start Youtube Channel or a blog

  46. Teach others

  47. Write a book

  48. Brainstorm ideas

  49. Observe nature ( not girls )

  50. Help others


Time once Gone is Gone Forever. You can’t bring it back.

Don’t worry about this. If you work on yourself and become better and better and better from yesterday then everyone will try to be with you. So Conclusion is -: Become Successful

Materialistic things can be gathered anytime. Don’t worry !! Just work on your money making skills (eg.Job)

Same applies with it like of Mobile phones

Become Successful

They are gone. So just forget it !!

Work on it. You will gain them back.

☆ I have also lost many things because of PMO (3 years, Confidence, Social Skills, etc) but I m working on it. We can’t Change our Past but We can make our Future Beautiful

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All you have told are strictly true


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