Two types of mindsets

This is just an opinion, so treat it seriously. Please, read the entire message so you can understand better.

I just passed my high score, day 14. It seems a small high score but it doesn’t care. I’ll tell you two types of mindsets when you just broke your high score.

Mindset 1#: "I did it! I just passed this high score! It feels great! Now I can relapse without thinking I have to break it!

Mindset 2#: “I can’t believe it I did it! I just passed the high score! Now that I broke it, I don’t have any other barer in my way. How much could I go? From now on, It any stop will be my new High score. I think this new road from now on willl be “The high score road”. I want to see where I will stop”.

Choose your mindset, but please, be honest. Don’y lie because you are lying yourself, not me.


I have Mindset 2#!
I wanna keep going! Not just test my limits but create no limits to this! I wanna end this cycle.
Maybe it’s not a very practical mindset but it’s honest.
The problems which i will get i want tp face and overcome them by practical means ! So yeah this is my honest mindset


Thanks for sharing here brother @johnatan

Few days ago, I read about these fixed and growth mindsets from the book
the mindset by Carol S Dweck


Keep mindset #2! It’s good to celebrate your achievements but you’ll notice when you get to the even higher numbers that a ‘high score’ no longer becomes a thing and nofap just becomes a permanent part of your lifestyle regardless of numbers. Keep pushing :muscle:

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