Two types of mindsets

This is just an opinion, so treat it seriously. Please, read the entire message so you can understand better.

I just passed my high score, day 14. It seems a small high score but it doesn’t care. I’ll tell you two types of mindsets when you just broke your high score.

Mindset 1#: "I did it! I just passed this high score! It feels great! Now I can relapse without thinking I have to break it!

Mindset 2#: “I can’t believe it I did it! I just passed the high score! Now that I broke it, I don’t have any other barer in my way. How much could I go? From now on, It any stop will be my new High score. I think this new road from now on willl be “The high score road”. I want to see where I will stop”.

Choose your mindset, but please, be honest. Don’y lie because you are lying yourself, not me.


I have Mindset 2#!
I wanna keep going! Not just test my limits but create no limits to this! I wanna end this cycle.
Maybe it’s not a very practical mindset but it’s honest.
The problems which i will get i want tp face and overcome them by practical means ! So yeah this is my honest mindset


Thanks for sharing here brother @johnatan

Few days ago, I read about these fixed and growth mindsets from the book
the mindset by Carol S Dweck


Keep mindset #2! It’s good to celebrate your achievements but you’ll notice when you get to the even higher numbers that a ‘high score’ no longer becomes a thing and nofap just becomes a permanent part of your lifestyle regardless of numbers. Keep pushing :muscle:

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My mindset is similar to 2#, just paraphrasing…

I have confidence and the ability to keep going, only I can stop myself, or only I can break the streak, no other factor can make me relapse, so as its my choice, I will keep going as long as I can. Everytime I feel like relapsing, I tell myself, just hold on a few more days… So the relapse is just extending… The streak keeps on increasing. When I badly wanted to relapse, I look at my steak, and how hard it was to get here, so I think about how long it will take to beat my own streak, and so I keep going. Other times, I think about the positives and ask myself, do you want to give it all up. My heart says no, I keep going. When I feel like I got better, I dont have to keep going now, I tell myself, may be there are even more positives that will come my way, which I cant even think of at this moment, so why not hold on and keep Going…

I have no filters in my phone, I watch tv series. If I come across a bad scene, I immediately close my eyes and forward it. Dont even want to tease myself. Why? Blue balls, easiest way to relapse. If I come across a picture of any girl, I feel like I want to see, but I dont though, plenty of times I scrolled at the start of nofap journey. So automatically I scroll even now… Imagine a guy is playing some porn infront of me, I close my eyes or get out or tell him to stop. I built that immunity. I put myself in relapse situations but I don’t relapse… If I do it enough, doesn’t matter if those situations come, I wont relapse. Already done it at the start, when urges are when are urges are less, why would it bother me.

I used the same technique when I quit cigarettes. I walked with people that smoked during the initial days, I habituated to saying no thanks when they offer me or saying no to my cravings even though my brain is screaming for it. Now I don’t care if cigarette smoke comes from elsewhere, I tell the other, please smoke elsewhere. Because if not, I always have to think of myself as an addict. This way, I become a non addict. I become comfortable at the bad situations which will give me enough power not to relapse ever again. So I dont have to look over my shoulder about renewing interest in it at some point in my life…

And be careful though, if you are not 10000% confident, this way is the riskiest way…