Trying to be sincere to Allah

Guys, Assalamu alaikum
I dont know where to start, every strategy i have made for quitting porn has failed. Sometimes it is effective but for a very short time. I need a doable plan and your support at the same time. I promise myself everyday that if i die at time when iam acting out disgustedly what would happen to me. Despite of such strong reminders and knowing that Allah is watching me i still go and watch as if my body is controlled by someone else.
There is so much to address but i need start and stability in my process.

Hoping and waiting for someone to push me to get better


Is it your first day?

Yes now only i have joined

Oh, dont worry! If you want any help we are with u.


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Walaikumussalam brother @slave_of_allah
The same thing happens with me what is happening to you. I tried every possible way to get rid of it, but didn’t much care to follow the rules of Allah. So, at the time of intense urges, I lose control, inspite of those reminders I relapsed anyway.

And then when I became sincere to follow the Allah’s rules, it became much easier.
Actually I believe that, my power is Allah, whenever I break the rules of Allah I lose my power. Shaytan doesn’t attack us directly, he pulls us slowly by slowly, and we follow him little by little. And at the end of the day we lose our all power, the power Allah has given us. And we fall down.

So, the best thing In my case, and for every Muslims to follow the rules of Allah. Not doing any sins and do good deeds. Then Almighty Allah will be with us, he will give us strength and steadfastness, he will be our shield , then we can fight this addiction. He will give us success In Sha Allah.

( I wrote this post dedicated to Muslims.)

Jazakallah khair for motivation

Any tips and advice would be very nice

brother u can do this come on we got ur back

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Thanks everyone for the support
I really appreciate it

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First, block all the websites.
Second, dont peek or watch some nudes.
Third, dont think of porn.
Fourth, daily meditation and yoga.
Fifth, exercises.
Sixth, Be happy.
Seventh, Read Nofap articles.

Hope you follow this,
Honourable mention- Cold shower


I dont know whow block those damn sites
And from last year i used incognito mode to avoid history
Please tell me how to do it

Download Blockerx and stay focused from playstore.

If you will open those sites, an old lady comes on the screen with a text, “NO WAY”.

It is so funny. :rofl::rofl:

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Perform your prayers brother
Be thankful for everything
Say sorry whenever you do something wrong
Ask your angels for help
Spent time with your family
Believe in yourself and the supreme
Use your energy wisely
You gonna beat the addiction soon, good luck.

Shaitan gonna pull back, first through urges then he will come in you dreams, then he will try to have sex with your dreams. He wants to steal that semen, but believe in god, all power,defeat,wins are from the god. Surrender to god,he gonna take care of you.

Lol😂 ok ill try that app

DM’ed you…