Trying again, hopefully for the last time

I have failed for the last time. I am hoping to find an AP partner who can text, don’t like using this app. Please respond if you have nay ideas or want to help


How can I help you? Keep trying! Do not give up.

I am not sure how you can help but an AP seems like a good place to start


We all feel like our current attempt needs to be the last one and the last time we reset our counter.

Whilst I hope that this is your last time, it’s important to accept that this addiction is really difficult to beat, and there might be many more resets before you make it. The important thing is to not get too downhearted about it and to not beat yourself up.

You are an addict, so it’s only natural that you should succumb to your addiction from time to time. If you are willing to learn from your mistakes and keep fighting the good fight, then you haven’t really been beaten.

Failure is what happens when you stop trying.


What messaging apps do you have? I would like to help you.

I just have regular texting, no app or anything

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Aye Bro, looks like you are suffering some hurdles with the relapses. We all know that feeling.

I want you to imagine this:

A week from now, 7 days, you spent that free time working on a hobby, talking to that person you have been crushing on, or simply having more energy and vitality throughout the day. Now make that 2 weeks. Now you realize you got some serious boost pf energy as your body decides to reabsorb the semen and nutrients for reproduction in your body and then create stronger seeds, while boosting your testosterone 45%/estrogen not sure.

4 weeks, you start taking pleasure in things. Urges weaken, and instead of acting out your sexuality and fantasies on your phone, you find healthier ways to meet them, or find no use for them and eliminate them. The sky starts looking more blue, the colors are more vibrant.

8 weeks. 2 months now, and people start seeing you differently. You have more life in your eyes. You smile more. You handle hard times better. You look at Rewire and see you went over 2 months without PMO.

And then 90 days. The reboot. You’ll wonder why you ever watched porn. And youll look at yourself in the mirror and realize you are one of the few people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD who beat porn, and will keep going! No more BS smut making you feel like you dont matter. New level of self respect, EARNED self respect. New man/woman.

There is a reason why you keep going after all these relapses. Its because deep down, you know you can.

Seek therapy, get the detoxify phone app, Spinbrowser, blocksite. Engage in hobbies again and be who you dreamed of being. Use the urge button on this app and go for a walk, or panic button on Detoxify. Look up Gabe Dawg/Vegan Aesthetics, Aahana, Kasumikriss, Men of mastery, Teshawn’s Adventure, Captain Sinbad, Elisha Long, Onepercentbetter, Improvement Pill, and fightthenewdrug. Spend more time outside. Know that you are stronger and better than any stupid urge, and you will get through this.

And thats my rant. I need to do this myself, lol.

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Wow, that’s the most helpful comment I’ve ever seen.
I just made it to 3 days and then failed today. I am committing again to stop. I am gonna beat this horrible awful habit

You’ll make it. You wouldn’t be on here if you couldn’t.