Truth about pornography from the former stars and others( *Trigger warning* )

Story of Alia, a former porn performer

Her story might be eye opening for the forum users Insha Allah


Gabe Deem’s story

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Trafficking survivor shares her story


Thank you for the post! I recommend you Soft White Underbelly YouTube Channel. It has interviews with prostitutes, Sex Workers, Porn Stars. Yes, they have something in common : trauma, probably sexual abuse.


Thank you for your suggestion I will see this Insha Allah.

Almost everyone of the forum or non forum users had started watching pornography like Ash’s.

It might help you in your journey Insha Allah

Lexi’s story being sold at 11 for sex and her struggles and her present being married

What the heck is going on here. Delete this entire thread, are you trying to make others relapse in the journey. No way a fabstraunat would go and watch an interview of an ex po*n star and not think being pursued by ghe urges. My sincere advise, please delete


My only intention was to show to the other person that this thing is even bad even for the the persons who have shown themselves in the camera. So that it makes a mentality that porn is bad which I think many of the users don’t think and by the way they are not promoting porn or aren’t sexually appealing themselves so why would the person will relapse except who have very weak control over their thing.


Oh ok. I believe people might be aware how fake these movies are, were actors have no free will and are forced to do stuff that is really bad under the stipulation of agreement.

I would recommend that you put articles instead of video interviews or basic quotations would be enough without revealing the actor’s names.


For your kind info there names are real not stage name which we they used in their dark times and some of them are the victims of sexual abuse.

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This is an incredible thread.
Absolutely DO NOT DELETE this thread.

First, I’m over 50 years old, so don’t come at me saying I’m immature, regarding saying this thread needs to stay, stay pinned, and stay relevant.

Due to my own toxic masculinity, and misunderstanding of what it is to be a man, as a result of a poor upbringing, and the disgusting skew of the societal views on men, I never realized the true horrors of the porn industry.

Too many people don’t know them, either.

I’m old enough to have seen the Traci Lords story unfold… Felt pressured into the industry, underage, and then was manipulated and coerced into things she didn’t want to do.

The level of depression, drug use and addiction, and suicide in that industry is terrifying.

And I grew up (addicted to and involved with porn for over 38 years) with this fallacy that they were paid actors and actresses, acting out consensual scenes.

What a load of bullshit!

There are stories of women who are pressured and forced to work with actors who have histories of physically beating their partners, and no one stops them. Being forced to do acts that they specifically said they won’t do, etc.

As a husband, and father of two girls, finally having the curtain pulled back on the truth of this abhorrent industry has helped me, more than anything else, on my recovery.

You’re condoning abuse, and violence towards women.
You’re condoning human trafficking, coercion, and subjugation if women.

Think about your mom. Your wife, or girlfriend. Your daughters, and sisters.

I was a freaking pretender, making all these bold statements about how I would go to jail if anyone ever hurt the women in my life, etc.
Yet, I was condoning the behaviors, the whole time.

What a hypocrite.

People need to learn.
People need to be educated.

Great thread.
A million upvotes!!!


Thank you @Acutteridge for giving your response to this thread and even if you are 50 years old it never mind because all we are suffering from the same disease irrespective of age, gender, race and culture. The amount of years you have suffered and still got up to fight, it needs gut to even to fight at that point of time and may Allah reward you for this noFap journey.

I usually think that the main reason of our relapse is that we don’t know the demerits of pornography and what they are showing is actually realistic or not? So that’s why I started this thread so that people can understand that what we see is actually painful in real than pleasure so it’s clarification of our minds that not masturbating is not the only thing, not watching pornographic materials and abstaining is also considered in this noFap cause.

Once again thank you for your response.
Have a nice day sir.:blush:


Inspiring story of Greg, one of the most popular male pornstars

The dignity and self respect in this industry is just “A Mirage in the desert” showing the false Oasis of Life.


Kevin Hart warns about Porn in his own style :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Even though it is funny but the message is true.


Impact of pornography on our mental health

Depression, stress, anxiety, fear, suicidal thoughts, identity changes may be connected to our porn consumption. A time comes where we lost control over everything and we find on a dead end having nothing to be proud of.


Billie Elish word on Porn

It might be triggering to some viewers but she suffered that impact

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Garrett Johnson contribution for non pornography addiction

Masha Allah what he has done was impressive


A truth well represented in the eyes of the people . The dark side of the industry which traps millions of people not only by making them attached to watching porn , but ruining the lives of the people by making them do it for money . All thanks to @a_lone_warrior05 for bringing up such a necessary and sensitive topic to the people .