Trough healing process

This is it.I had enough whit luxury.It ruined my whole life like an assasin of love.That craving for sex has to stop.(Porn,masturbation).Im willing to quit it all and start my healing process.It destroyed me enough morally to the point of edging toward suicide.Its hard to have a replacement when i have no one to love,no complice in life that i could have to live and be loved.First objective,stop all this spiritual madness.Second objective,going for a job and a partner.I may be alone in my personnal life and whit few friends,but i got you guys.What is important and all that matters is that Im doing this for myself,to achieve my TRUE self.Any help is appreciated.Aiming for the 30 days streak for that i am at my first day.Thank you for reading and concern.:grinning::+1:


I don’t see self improvement as any of your objectives, improve yourself physically by working out, mentally by reading books, practising meditation, working on your goals.
Self improvement should be the first objective on this journey and everything else will automatically fall in place, might take sometime but it will.


Thank you for your concern.I will work on my goals.


Today i project to set an healthy lifestyle plan for myself.

1.Practing abstinence of any pornographic content,videos or images

2.Keeping a no fapping streak for as long as possible to keep myself healthy,mentally and physically.

3.Early sleeping and waking hours

4.Practicing physical activities (sports or training in any forms)

5.Eating healthy and balanced

6.Reading on various subjects to learn and form the mind.

7.Practicing a spiritual lifestyle and prayer.

8.Working benevolant jobs

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