Trouble sleeping- part 2

Hey guys im having sleeping troubles but this time its different, im not having sleep due to the urges. Yeah urges at night. The urges are intense. I couldnt sleep whole night yesterday.
What should i do before going bed so that i dont have the urges coming to my mind


Well brother I don’t know much
But may be binaural beats could help you. They are scientifically proven for calming down the brain and produce sleep.

But you must have the electronic device with or without earphone with you in the bed which is extremely dangerous.:no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:

You must have will power. You can listen to the beats for free online but download takes charge…


Binaural beats could also be used for various other purposes like.
Improve health and focus


Bro answer some questions :

  1. Do you meditate daily, regularly?
  2. Do you work out and or do cardio, regularly?
  3. How would you describe your sleep cycle and rhythm?
  4. Do you use screens before sleep and when do you quit?
  5. Do you work in your bedroom or do you have a habit of doing anything laying in bed during daytime, is this bedroom where you used to fap before?
  6. Do you exhaust yourself before you sleep?
  1. Yes i meditate for 15 mins daily. I started from last week

  2. No

  3. Yes

  4. Yes

  5. How can i exhaust myself? :thinking:


Lights emitted by the Mobile makes out brain think its still the day time… thus, not inducing sleep…

If you want to sleep at the very moment you lay down… then exhaustion is needed…
Work the whole day, exercise, study, go for walk, play… Do anything but drain your energy…
This will induce sleep…
(If you still have energy left in you… why will your brain let you sleep…)

Ever went out for a long period, in the sun, and then when you return home… do you feel sleepy?? That’s because you drained your energy… you got exhausted.

Stop sleeping at daytime or afternoons if you have that habit… the day-night cycle gets disturbed.


Ok here’s what we do bro, to improve ourselves :slight_smile:

This is necessary. Do exercise, working out, on a daily basis, it is necessary to be healthy. Start trying to make it into a habit.

Answer this question truthfully. What is your sleep like at present? Do you have a specific time to go to sleep and do you wake up on a set time, this is very important.

Ok this must be avoided at all costs. If you are reading it right now in bed, get out of there, sit in a chair. What happens is that your brain has assosciated bedroom and being in bed with a lot of things like checking phone, fapping, reading stuff, using social media etc. So when you go to bed at night, your brain’s gonna be like : “Oh, time to do this, this, this, or this…worst of all, time to fap.” instead of going “wheee…sleepy time​:zzz::sleepy::sleeping:” like it normally should.
Assosciate bedroom and being in bed with sleeping only. NEVER do anything while in bed, be it at night or the morning. This is very important.

@strongwillpower is right. We all know the science of why this happens, I won’t go much into that. Recommended that you quit screens altogether atleast 2 hrs prior to bedtime. If you have to use them for important things, remove all colour from screen. (black and white it) Blue lught filters are not good enough.

My immediate short term advice would be rearrange your bedroom right now. Make significant changes, like move your bed around, rearrange your table, chair etc. Make a new environment slightly unfamiliar to your brain. Then, start assosciating it with sleep only. This will be a clean slate for you.
Also, if you get urges while in bed, do kegels. I’m not sure of the effects it has while on urges, but they seem quite beneficial to me, if any of the brothers could clarify this further, much appreciated - effects of kegels while urges hit.
Short term tips only work so much, we need to always think long term bro, start properly building habits, fixing up your sleep cycle etc, sleeping at right time etc. It will take you sometime, maybe a week, maybe two weeks, but it is worth it.


I have experienced this… but i never thought of this with such thinking… thanks @neetwarrior you helped me too over here…

(I live in a hostel… so all we got there is a bed… which I can’t change or ask a whole room for me… what i can do is change my habits… thanks again. @neetwarrior )

I mean, i study on table in my bedroom not in my bed

And i go to sleep around 10:30-11:00 pm

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Bro no fap for 12 days and your sleep cycle will improve with meditation.


I wanted to ask you guys, should take 2 teaspoon of ghee everyday to gain weight or its harmful

It is not harmful. It is very helpful, it maintains the body well but dont take it excessively, I am a bengali, so i take one teaspoonful of ghee. You take it as your needs

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If you want a good sleep then make your evening and night fully exhausted. I recommend you to eat your food at 7pm after one hour drink a glass of hot water and then go for a walk on terrace or anywhere. Dont do heavy exercise only do light exercise. Read some books and leave your devices 1 hrs before sleeping. Meditation in morning


Thank you for your valuable advices brothers!

Im also bengali😄


I also had these troubles of sleeping, due to urges at the start, but I found doing my exercises at night or literally before going to bed it tires me out and I go to sleep due to being tired of the exercises much quicker.

Also when urge hits in bed I’d stand up go for a pee should I have one. Or just walking bearfoot to the bathroom and back to take my mind of it helps too. If I really struggle and this might be wrong, but I either solve a rubik cube which is new, but it pulls all my attention up until I don’t feel the urge go to bed and sleep.

Weird but all that focus tires me out too. I rearly drink milk before bedtime, but I do drink tee in the evenings since it is relaxing and have no caffeine or very little, but it is very calming and helps me relax before bed. But at the latest an hour before bedtime. Then I don’t get up as frequent in the night.

Well hope some of these tips can help you. All very good tips mentioned by others !

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Brother I read somewhere that if you add a spoonful of ghee in milk (specially cow)and drink it. . It has other health benefits along weight gain.