[TRIGGERS] Fetishes e.t.c

So i want to address what’s happening with me and then ask you a question about it.I had triggers about fetishes(threesomes e.t.c) and I remember that i couldn’t get it up if i wasnt thinking about 2 guys fucking one girl and stuff(even during sex?!),my porn search history was full of those.However now i dont think much of those anymore. Im thinking more about having sex with girls alone, Real girls.when i watch movies with my friends and i see some sex scenes or a dirty picture or any porn related material i dont even want to look at that. I dont want to masturbate to these things or i dont even get a boner.it,s like porn isn’t a trigger at all for me anymore.is this good or bad? Is something wrong with my libido or something? Or is it just healing?(54 days nofap)


It sounds like a step in the right direction :pray:

And also, thank you for this reminder :pray:
I’ve been through the same experience,
relapses can lead us back into disbelief.

Please be careful of how you word things. Or put up a warning, as it may be triggering for people struggling :pray:


This is good bro. Because you are slowly… slowly … waking up.
The hypnosis of pleasure is falling weak.
You are getting good at looking at world.

You wanna have sex ! Then do real sex. Dont fap.


Thanks! Oh i’m really sorry my friend i’m new to these kind of things!

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