Tremendous feeling of doing fantasy chat

Since last 6 days i have refrained from re re re downloading of telegram. the cycle goes like i download the telegram, search for sexual chat groups, offer for cuckold fantasy and some members get in touch, talk about my partners normal images and then i fap based on comments of next guy… this cycle has begun in Nov 2018 and very hard to refrain from. at first i felt that this is ok and is not porn isn’t it ! and images donot get saved by other person if i keep timer as 30sec in Private mode. so why not to enjoy ! but later i studied about dopamine traps by this thinking and since then trying to stop this. believe me since last 2018 nov to apr2020 nearly daily i have spent 1 hr to 2 hrs even after i was dead tired from office work late hours! this pull is so terrific… i had uninstalled and re installed telegram and joined and left these groups several times innumerable names i have changed in profiles. there were times when i wanted to capture sex footages of me and my partner which i never did as i felt really horrible. i know how i am still fighting to NOT to re install it for any reason my brainy brain is giving example there is group of valuable books, there is group of spiritual knowledge, there is group of free movies, and business info amd even porn quitting groups :slight_smile: but now i became little accustomed to all tantrums of thought cycle and fighting with urge to download telegram and cycle thereafter … may be this experience would be of any help to ppl out there fighting similar battle. just one thing to be remembered that no tantrum of your mind brain for high load shortcut of dopamine…


You can download Stay Focused app and buy the inexpensive pro version. Then, you can uninstall or block telegram and block playstore. Then, you will not be able to do anything… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I challenge you.


thanks for suggesting, but the problem is : i would know how i have locked the paths to particular app , so i also can go and unblock the hurdles and again reinstall.

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Bro there is strict mode feature… you will hit your head on wall :joy:


i think i have to keep this app as home app then this would work. anyways let me try this as you r saying.


which app is it exactly ? the one with hexagon with a key hole ?


Yes, just make sure that you enable device admin and all other important permissions. You will also need to block settings and security apps so that changes cannot be reverted. If you face any problem, just tell me.


Btw, what is this cuckold thing? I saw in a dictionary but could not really understand it.


if you don’t know its good. not worth knowing.


Yes, true. Anyways, you explained it in your post. I am not interested in it.