TRD5's journey [24M]

Dear Friends!

(English is not my native language.)
(I warned you!)

[[How do I start?..]]
[I’m a simple guy.]
I want to enjoy the simple things in life. Want to feel, that I am alive. And want to gain control over my own body. It will be hard, because I never had that control in my life, and I don’t know how it feels, how to use it,

how to live with it.

[My porn addiction started 12 years ago…]
I lived half my life addicted to porn, growing up that way. It made a sirious damage to my personality, to my brain, to my soul and to my body. I watched a LOT of porn in a WIDE range of categories. Seen so many bodies,

so many faces…

[Only a few people know about this.]
I have a few close friends. But even they don’t know about all this. I feel ashamed. Even my ex girlfriend knows very little… And our relationship lasted 5 years… We broke up because I couldn’t forget a girl I fell in love with nearly 8 years ago. I couldn’t make myself to move in with her (my ex), because of this strange memory. I tried to forget…

But I couldn’t.

[I was always busy]
I am learning at a very hard university. I have countless sleepless nights behind my back. And I’m feeling it’s negative effects in my body. I barely had any time to care about myself in the past 5 years.
In my country, education is very tradiotonal. And I am an open minded person. So I learning all the new technologies too, even if they don’t teach it properly.
But now I taking a break. Started to work. Maybe now I will have some time to do the things I like doing. But with free time comes responsibility. I’d like to use this time


[I’m starting a new journey]
My goal is not a week, not a month, not a year. I want to be a different person. I feel my sins in my bones…
But do I hate them? Can I hate them? Without going trough bad things, that make me really hate them? I don’t know… I’m just tired, and broken. And I fear the consequences… I’m starting to really feel them now.

Wish me good luck, or rather something, that you think I need…

Today I deleted 62 GB of porn content from my computer.

Help me gather all my willpower, and courage!
I hope, I make some new friends on the way!

Feel free to comment!


We are all with you. The first step you already started. Instead of thinking what have you lost think what I will what get.


Damn 62gb of porn …u did the toughest step , just focus on your nofap journey. Do exercise everyday

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Thank you!
Maybe the hardest part is letting the past go for me. But I think you are right.

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:joy:Very nice…:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: Man you are great…




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You are right bro. Keep moving forward. :slight_smile: To keep yourself busy here, better to participates in groups or by challenging others. that way you can motivate yourself more.

Here again.
Today is day 0
Only facts, no bullshit. Starting tomorrow evening.