Transmutation of sexual energy


If you want more killer instinct, higher energy

  • more vibrance and passion in your life - then stop busting so many nuts.

Semen retention or brahmacharya is your pathway to higher living.

Brahmacharya is not ‘against sex’.

Brahmacharya is transmutation of energy: it is not being against sex; rather, it is changing the direction of energy from the sex centre to higher centres.
If the sexual energy remains in the lower centres and is lost physically through ejaculation, this energy dissipates into the world. Now, this is required if you desire to sire children. But for most dudes most of the time, that is not the case.

Creation of life is the ultimate use of our creative sexual energy - if we are not using it for that, then we can use it to create a better life for ourselves instead.

I repeat, for a dude It is not being against sex; rather, it is an art how to use it.
I recommend having sex often, with someone you care about, as an intentional act to affirm your love and passion.

Sex between a man and woman can be a beautiful exploration and merging of energies where you arouse each other to dizzying levels and then use this buzz of energy to make the rest of your life more engaging, vibrant and successful.

Typically, we have sex starting from nothing, then an increase of arousal, to the apex point of orgasm followed by a big dip in energy.
With conscious sex and no limit of physical ejaculation, we rise and plateau, then rise and plateau again, and so on so forth. Your entire life will be saturated with a more vital life force if you have sex In this way.

At the very base level, never masturbate or watch porn - these are literal energy sinks that keep man docile, and sexualized media and porn is designed to keep you in these lower levels of vibration.

Don’t nut, and you retain that energy and positivity for every part of your life. You develop a more ambitious fire within, your creative talents are magnified and nothing gets you down. It truly is a life hack.
Additionally, Your relationships will deepen, your desire for your partner and the quality of your sex life will increase exponentially the longer you do it.



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