Topper To a looser who lost everything

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Atleast you had a realisation is a gud thing :blossom:keep going you can transform urself at any phase of ur life no matter after how many years


Hey man, Welcome to the community.
I know it’s frustrating when you know you can perform good but aren’t able to due to lack of efforts.
Based on your post, you are most likely a CA inter student? Correct me if I am wrong.
Don’t feel sad, your brain still have those ability to perform well. It’s just that they have become dormant. You need to activate them again by continuous learning.

yeah ca inter student, syllabus is not to big for me but because of my addiction i was in a fantasy world where only ■■■■ used to matter for me. I did not studies and completely skipped a subject.

are you also ca inter student?


Yes brother, I am also in CA inter. I had my first attempt in Nov but I wasn’t prepared at all. I skipped it and now I will give mine in May.

Are you cleared with any group or got any exemption?

what’s your age?

till now no. hoping to get exemption in grp1 subjects, tax paper was bad because you had no idea how much i was into ■■■■ that i did not read any single chapter of tax.

1 month ago when i realized about my addiction i started doing tax on my own and i found it best subject ever, just sums and sums and sums. its golden subject. but my fault in my 5 attempts i did not touched this.

but my tax paper went bad, i became nervous and forgotten everything. after coming out and drinking i read paper and i cried because i knew each and every single question. alternative tak ke answer pata the but nervous ki vajeh se paper bigad gaya pata nahi kya hoga.

after grp2 exams i will work for my brain and will buy some maths books and would solve them.

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I will be 19 this December.

If you are unsure of clearing anything, what I suggest to do is after giving rest two Start preparing for May 24. Syllabus has changed so It’s better to start early.
For the intellectual stimulation part , You can indeed start solving some maths problem. Try giving it 1 hour daily and rest for Inter. You will be completely different in a month. Start with small targets and gradually increase them.
Most likely exams will be in June due to elections (Not 100% sure). Still you got plenty of time. I have seen people scoring ranks after multiple attempts. Why not you try for it?

thanks, i already planned what i will do and first thing is talk with my parents after that i will follow your advice.

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@Changed_one i hope that you clear your inter this time.
@PaperBoat @Changed_one I’d like to ask for your support when i need it ab information on Intermediate.
I’m a Foundation student this year.


If I am not wrong, Your 12th boards are in March 2024 and your fnd attempt in June 2024?
Have you started studying for foundation yet?

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Yes you’re right

Yes, module 1 of accounts is done
Eco not that good, Math is done fairly well and Law 5chapters are remaining
So id say ima lil slow but on track

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for maths, watch jatin dembla lectures or yt videos.
and in maths do reverse calculation
for eco- harshad jaju, and do 4 attempt past year questions

foundation is easy no need to take classes just practice as much as you can


It’s okay man, most important is if you are understanding the concepts properly. You have to study for boards as well So even if you complete the syllabus by March-April, you will still have around 2 months for revision since fnd exams will be in June end.


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