Tony's Dairy, Mastering my thought

Day-2 / Target-21
can not get up early in morning
Done my study
Keeping my mental sanity
socialized with other.
successfully avoided all the shit things.
Drinking water target accomplished.
today’s goal completed.
Thank you community. keep motivating me. We are great. God will help us.


Day-1 / Target-21

  1. Not thinking about anything rubbish.
  2. Socialized with other people.
  3. Doing Study right now.
  4. Keeping some mental sanity.
  5. Powerful things are done by powerful people. Always remember this. We are great. Day 1 completed.Good night Buddy.

Day-3 & Day-4

  1. Little bit akward day.
  2. Not gonna concentrate on my study
  3. But there is no thought of urgeness or any stupid things.