Together we can beat this addiction. Man needs social supporto

I believe that we as social creatures need social support to feel psychologically strong and to be at one’s best. Moreover I also want competition with other Nofappers. Introduce yourself and share your Sharing code. This is the beginning of our journey but I hope that one fine day we would all look back and say proudly, " yeah we made it together." That would be one of the finest moments of my life.

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Male, 19
Code - 77b4ee
Let’s do this :muscle:

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Yo i have added you…stay strong!

Hey add me Male from india
Lets control it together
Code :- 8ae8c6
I also added you

Added. I think this is not a competition, but running together towards freedom. But if you are competitive, run just after me, you are very near,
:running_man:pertindite-8 hours​:running_man:kamafeo-1 day and a half
Look out, don’t trail behind.
Be strong, please.

Hey bro add me too
Whats your code??

I added you too. I want you just after my steps. Be strong and don’t fail, so I won’t.

SURE Together we will beat the addiction

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Let’s see if you would be beaten by me or not ??

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male 18 yo, we got this :muscle:

I need partners
Current streak : 3 days
Code : 1b0zln
Add me and be partners