Today's Nofappers vs Ancient Brahmacharies? Must read

In the ancient times, most of the people practice brahmacharya till the age of 25. They don’t ejaculate till the age of 25. They got superpowers but they didn’t aware with the powers because it was part of their life and the powers work indirectly in their work and daily activities.

So now benefits of nofap appears after 7 days why? because we were wasting semen from many years. When we introduce to nofap and start practicing it - we see changes in our personality.

Those who were follow brahmacharya in previous time already have pool of power but they don’t feel any benefit because it was the part of their life. They already the owner of all the benefits and do all their work with energy.

Only the person realise the benefits who are new to this practice. We make a trend by saying nofap - nofap journey but it is the part of our life. Think about the animals that are not doing masturbation but doing real sex just to produce generations. These animals have a lot of energy to perform all the daily activities because of excess semen in body.

Think it a part of life and start practicing. It is not a new thing but new for the new people who recently introduced to this. Don’t count days - I completed 3 days, 7,21,30,60,90,100,120 etc. It is not a big achievement for the ancient brahmachari es. They were just continue on their streaks without knowing the days. You can just write the first day when you started after that don’t count just live your life normal without expecting any benefits. We are already the owner of these benefits.

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