Today was not a good day

Me: Sitting to do some math not to fail tomorrow’s exam. Getting tired and starting to fap.
My brain: “Hey dude, you have an exam tomorrow, don’t turn me off.”
Me: “I’m too tired I want dopamine.”
My brain: “Fine, but no porn.”
Me: Relapsing. Then trying to do math.
My brain: “I’m too tired I want dopamine.”
Me: “I’ll watch porn, but only once.”
Me: Relapsing.
Also me: “I want more.”
My brain: “Dude, we both ruined it, let’s stop.”
Me: “I don’t want to stop. I have nothing to do, I have nobody to talk, I have nowhere to go. I don’t need nofap benefits, because nobody needs me.
My brain: Shuts.
Me: Relapsed more. Then more.
My brain: Silent.
Me: Silent.
Me: Crying under my blanket.


It’s okay, brother. You have fallen, but rise from the ashes to a new flame.

Just remember-your brain will try to trick you, but you should ignore it. After 3 weeks or so, it will become almost second nature for you to ignore those urges-you are above them. Urges are merely your limbic system releasing chemicals-you are more than just a set of chemicals (take it as you will).

Don’t relapse, and flame on.
Keep going,


Can I chat you sometime Ash?

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@Vardan51878 Sure brother