To all the Virgins

Hi I am a 26 year old virgin who just took an owe to never fap again. But the sexual urges are natural and would not go away. Porn and fapping are not even an option anymore. I am not a virgin. But I lost my virginity to a prostitute out of desperation a year ago. Basically I have never had a girlfriend.

Do you think we should keep on improving ourselves or also deliberately go out and meet women ? I don’t want to waste my time approaching women. But don’t want to be a loner either. The idea of arranged marriage is disgusting to me. But I want to find a partner on my own. Should I just go with the flow or take proper steps lile going out, learning Pickup or hiring a dating coach ?

NoFappers are beasts !! Advise me.

Brother… to be very honest about it… do not go for just like finding a girlfriend for you… this is something else… I mean this mind set is not correct.

Also do not run away from girls thinking that it will trigger you…or due to attitude of being in a Monk Mode… :sweat_smile:

Talk to girls…make friends… but do not become desperate for it… you can understand what I mean.

One day you will meet someone who is made for you… but also in this process there is a possibility that you may be Friend zoned by her…:laughing: :sweat_smile:

So at the same time try to be quite flirty or something… I KNOW THIS IS QUITE CONTRADICTING NOW WHAT I SAID IN STARTING… but you will learn what I actually mean to say.

In my opinion this should be the process to make a GF… and yes brother… change this heading…VIRGIN… if you feel that…you should have a gf becoz you are virgin then… I suggest you to save money and get a high class call girl for that…youe life will be easy… also you will not destroy life of some girl and hurt her


I think you should learn pick up and approaching girls, wheather it will be in the club, bar or even in the street. When you don’t will be meeting girls, they don’t find you. Take it like a training, read and train. This is the only way. When you will not socialize with people, you won’t recquire the social skills, you won’t be flirting, teasing, funny. Girls will be rejecting you and treat like a friend.